How to terrify terrorists

Yes. This: “If you make music keep making it. Make more of it.

If you write, write more, publish more, speak more.

If you make or watch film, or theatre, or dance, or comedy, or any other form of performance, it’s now more important than ever.” #JFDI #PowerOfArt

The Only Sure Weapon


A few hours after the Paris terror attacks I got two texts from friends in quick succession. Both, in summary, said: ‘I’m angry and sad and can you help me understand?’

Some context: a decade ago I went back to University and studied terrorism. The events of September 11th 2001 had developed into war in Iraq and one line in a book wouldn’t leave me. It read: ‘The world is not working for countless millions of its inhabitants’.

I went back to one of the best departments of World Politics there is. I was taught by some of the most experienced and intelligent academics on this subject. I’m nowhere near their level of understanding, but I know a little bit about terror.

I can tell you about the tactics of Brigate Rosse and Baader-Meinhof and give you the need to know on anti-federal US terrorism in the 90‘s. I…

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