In the ‘Hole’: On Screen & Off

Go inside the whole with Think Ten Media Group and Tonight At Dawn.

From Jersey, With Love: A Film

Text by K. Cecchini/Production Stills and Series Image Courtesy of Think Ten Media Group

The wHOLE Promo

After spending a total of 18 months in solitary confinement during multiple prison stays, William Brown – who has been a free man for five years – willingly reentered the ‘hole’ last summer.

This time, though, he went in with cameras.

Brown plays the fictional role of prisoner Marcus Williams in the scripted web series “The wHOLE.” Think Ten Media Group filmed the first episode in the inactive Wapato Jail in Portland, Oregon during August 2014 and released it in March. The 15-minute pilot episode focuses entirely on Brown’s character contendng with solitary confinement.

In order to provoke the intense emotions of being trapped in solitary, Brown said Director Ramon Hamilton asked him to “go to a dark place.” Brown went there; he said he recalled the day he was last released for parole on June…

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